Why live-streamed fitness classes are a great idea

Until recently all my fitness and Pilates classes were exclusively at venues around Brighton for my lovely customers to attend and get fit together. I’ve been running classes for over 20 years in a variety of venues including my own studio here in Brighton.

But Covid-19 changed everything. With lockdown commencing in March 2020, it was obvious there was still going to be a demand for regular classes but where everyone was able to do them from their own home. I had already started to experiment with Pilates classes through a zoom link, and in this new restricted environment it seemed the perfect opportunity to expand the volume and type of classes available.

You can see an up to date timetable of live-streamed fitness and Pilates classes here. With restrictions easing towards the end of July, these classes will continue and I will gradually start to introduce classes at venues around Brighton as well.

One of my new customers recently decided to book onto one of my Pilates classes. She had only ever done a Pilates class once before, and had enjoyed it, but then work, university, and everything else got in the way. During these lockdown times she found herself with infinite amounts of time to play with, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try a live-streamed class.

In her own words, this was her experience…

“My first experience of an online pilates class with Kelly was perfect for myself as a beginner, and it seemed ideal for the more accomplished in the class too. I was nervous beforehand, even though I was sat in my living room alone, I felt nervous because it was new. However, you have the option to switch off your video-feed, so you can see Kelly and other participants (if they have their video-feed on), but they can’t see you. I opted to have mine switched off which instantly took the pressure off for me. I didn’t have to worry about looking silly, as it was just me. Most of the exercises that Kelly instructed me through had different options to increase the intensity, so as a beginner, you can make it as difficult as you feel comfortable.

After a few classes I felt more confident to attempt some of the more intense exercises, and I felt great doing them. I feel I have done enough of them to appreciate that an online Pilates class has all the benefits of a traditional exercise class, but in a more personal and comfortable way. I don’t have to worry about breathing too loud or sweating too much in front of others, and I suppose the biggest benefit is it removes all the hassle of having to drive somewhere. I’m now hooked, and love the personable and helpful guidance from Kelly”.

By Kelly Washington

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