Pilates is the ideal workout for the over 50s

Pilates is suitable for all ages, and based on the demographic of our regular customers, we’re helping to motivate and improve the fitness of teens and young mums through to seniors and people recovering from injury or surgery.

One age group who are getting great benefit from regular Pilates are the over 50’s. Doing a high impact exercise program for this age group is sometimes not suitable as the joints get stiffer as you get older and can be hard on the body. Running, jumping and slamming the joints when there is less cushioning can lead to injury to the knees and back. But Pilates classes are great low impact workouts which are designed to protect the knees and back.

Another great benefit of Pilates for the over 50’s is developing the muscles and stretching the spine. As we all get older we naturally lose muscle mass, which affects our posture and core strength. It also has an effect on our height, where the discs between the vertebrae lose fluid and shortens the spine as we get older. Pilates is an ideal form of exercise to achieve resistance training without putting undue strain or pressure on the body. This in turn helps to get the muscles working in a controlled way and combats their natural loss through age. Taking regular Pilates classes will not only strengthen the core and improve posture but also helps stretch out the spine, reducing or eliminating the shortening of our bodies.

If you’re over 50 and want to combat the effects of age on the body, try a Pilates class with Kelly.

By Kelly Washington

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