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Improve your physical fitness and mental health with online fitness classes

Let’s be honest, we all know how important it is to keep up a regular exercise routine, but not everyone has the time to go to the studio for a class. If you realise the value in taking a break throughout the day to exercise and stretch, then online fitness classes with Kelly Washington Fitness are for you. Live online classes with Kelly will give you the confidence, and motivation to improve yourself with regular exercise where you’ll discover the benefits for your physical fitness and for your mental health too.

Joining online fitness classes takes the stress and guesswork out of having to come up with your own workout programs with the reassurance that each session will be balanced, effective and safe. All online fitness classes are delivered via zoom, and are designed to be interactive & supportive with real-time, in-the-moment feedback and guidance. They are virtually the closest thing you will get to being in the studio with Kelly.

From Pilates to FIT, and with sessions for various levels of ability and experience there is always a class ideal for you. Kelly is inspiring and passionate about her role as a fitness mentor delivering a real difference to your health, fitness and well being. Join a class and master new skills and disciplines and keep your workouts fresh!

Discover your fitness potential, achieve your goals and have fun with regular fitness and Pilates classes

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelly skilfully combines her extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body with a warm and welcoming personality. Her Pilates classes are carefully differentiated to meet a wide variety of ages and abilities and she explains each stage of the session with clarity and gentle humour which creates a relaxing environment. We very much look forward to each class, either in the hall or virtually through Zoom, and both feel our ageing bodies have greatly benefited from taking part.
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Rosamond and Nick
I used to go just once a week but over the last few months I have been doing 4 classes a week and I love it, not just for my physical well being but mental. Kelly always asks at the beginning of class if we have any physical problems and adapts the exercises accordingly to meet the individuals need. She makes the classes a joy and not a chore, which is always good in my book! Miss Kelly is an excellent professional Pilates teacher with heart.
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