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online pilates classes from my own home

Why live-streamed fitness classes are a great idea

Until recently all my fitness and Pilates classes were exclusively at venues around Brighton for my lovely customers to attend …

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pilates classes for the over 50s

Pilates is the ideal workout for the over 50s

Pilates is suitable for all ages, and based on the demographic of our regular customers, we’re helping to motivate and …

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pilates for men

Pilates for men

The functional fitness provided by Pilates is just as important for men as it is for women. The benefits of …

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trio of pilates moves for better posture

A trio of Pilates moves to combat the physical effects of a desk job

If your job is predominantly desk based with hours at a time sitting down, here are a trio of great …

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5 ways to stay well and boost the immunity including eating citrus fruits

Five ways to stay well and boost your immunity

As a fitness instructor I love seeing the benefits of Pilates and the improvements in everyone coming to my regular …

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Pilates and pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy can provide many health benefits including increased energy levels, relieving aches and pains as body changes, gently …

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelly is a great Pilates teacher whose classes I have enjoyed attending for many years. She competently adapts them to suit all abilities so they are very accessible and all inclusive. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
start pilates online - customer 7
Kelly kept us sane and fit doing Pilates via zoom during our 3 month lockdown. May she continue. Also lovely to see a smiley face. Xxx
pilates classes in brighton customer 4
Nikki and Serge
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