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Online and Brighton-based fitness and Pilates classes with Kelly

Experienced and personable fitness instructor and motivator

Kelly has a passion for movement, fitness and wellness and enjoys nothing more than passing on the health benefits to clients through fitness and Pilates classes.

With over 20 years experience working in the fitness industry, Kelly has taught various exercise classes for clubs including Virgin, LA Fitness, David Lloyd, local leisure centres and her own classes in the community. She is a qualified pilates instructor for Pilates and Fit (fitness interval training).  

Engaging with clients and connecting with their true strength is one of my favourite aspects of being an instructor, it warms my heart so much. I love seeing a change that takes place in my client’s bodies and mindset.

Kelly Washington

Fitness classes to suit all ages, shape and experience. Try a class with Kelly for a clear mind and healthy body.

Start enjoying the benefits of regular Pilates classes

Great for core strength

Pilates exercises target your core which helps improve the strength of your lower back, abdomen, hip and pelvic muscles.

Good workout for your entire body

A good range of Pilates exercises provides a full and balanced body workout

Perfect rehab for back pain

As with all rehabilitation exercise consult your doctor first, but Pilates is an ideal exercise workout that can tackle back pain effectively.

Improves your sleeping

Regular Pilates can help with your sleeping pattern and reduce insomnia.

Improves your overall posture

Pilates can help you rediscover a better posture and eliminate bad posture habits in everyday life which typically lead to unwanted pain and weakening of some muscles

Places no pressure on knees and joints

Unlike high impact exercise, Pilates is a controlled workout which will protect the knees and joints from unnecessary pressure.

An exercise suitable for anyone

Pilates can benefit seniors as well as younger generations regardless of shape, fitness and experience. It's simply great for everyone.

Boosts your mental health

As well as the physical benefits, Pilates also boosts mental health, typically improving focus and concentration.

Improves focus and concentration

The physical health benefits are well documented, but Pilates also boosts mental health, typically improving focus and concentration.

Improves your sports performance

Pilates helps with posture correction and realignment resulting in a balanced body and muscular symmetry. Along with helping to reduce the likelihood of injury, these are all crucial for athletes.

Increases your flexibility

Regular Pilates helps to improve flexibility by working on developing uniformed muscles through controlled exercises.

Assists injury rehabilitation

If you’re suffering from an injury or recovering from surgery, Pilates is great for rehabilitation.

Improves your blood circulation

Developing flexibility throughout the body will increase blood circulation.

Makes you more aware of your body

Improvements in your mind and body become more noticeable as a result on regular focus on breathing and controlled movement.

Gives you better spinal health & strength

Conditioning of the muscles around the core and back through controlled movements helps to promote better spinal health.

Prevents the risk of injury

Whether you're young or senior, in rehabilitation, or an athlete, you can reduce the risks of receiving injuries through regular Pilates exercises.

Gives you strength without the bulk

Pilates helps you develop muscles for a straighter, leaner and more toned body instead of a bulky physique.

Can assist with weight loss

Pilates helps you to focus more on a healthier body and improved lifestyle which will contribute towards improved diet and weight loss.

Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress hormones in the muscles are metabolised through gentle stretching and conditioning helping you destress and feel more relaxed.

Boosts your energy levels

With increased flexibility, blood circulation and improved breathing techniques, Pilates will make you feel good and naturally boost your energy levels.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelly is excellent.When I started doing Pilates I had lower back pain which had been very persistent.Having developed my core muscles through Pilates I have little to no pain in my lower back now .Thank you Kelly!!
pilates in brighton customer 1
As above! But you forgot to mention, we also have a giggle too! Which is essential during lockdown. X
brighton fitness class online - customer 14
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