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Regular fitness & Pilates classes

Achieve your health, fitness and rehabilitation goals online or at locations throughout Brighton

Kelly Washington Fitness has been set up to make fitness and pilates classes accessible for everyone. We look after everyone, from beginners to advanced, from the injured to the high-calibre athlete. From fitness classes live-streamed online, to the more personal nature of location based classes and one-to-one classes, every session and service is geared toward helping you be more functional, agile, and resilient.

Together we can achieve more! Exercising as a group in an online class or within the community is fun, social and motivating. If you’re after the most wonderful fitness classes, then join Kelly for high intensity interval training, Pilates or general fitness sessions designed for all ages and abilities.

online pilates classes

Discover your fitness potential, achieve your goals and have fun with  regular fitness and Pilates classes

Live streamed online classes

After years of teaching and motivating people with fitness classes in the community, Kelly Washington Fitness now run regular live-streamed online classes.

From Pilates to HIIT, and with sessions for various levels of ability and experience there is always a class ideal for you. Kelly is inspiring and passionate about her role as a fitness mentor delivering a real difference to your health, fitness and well being. Join a class and master new skills and disciplines and keep your workouts fresh!

kelly washington fitness zoom class

Increase your fitness and self confidence with a live-streamed online fitness class

Start enjoying the benefits of regular Pilates classes

Great for core strength

Pilates exercises target your core which helps improve the strength of your lower back, abdomen, hip and pelvic muscles.

Good workout for your entire body

A good range of pilates exercises provides a full and balanced body workout

Perfect rehab for back pain

As with all rehabilitation exercise consult your doctor first, but pilates is an ideal exercise workout that can tackle back pain effectively.

Improves your sleeping

Regular Pilates can help with your sleeping pattern and reduce insomnia.

Improves your overall posture

Pilates can help you rediscover a better posture and eliminate bad posture habits in everyday life which typically lead to unwanted pain and weakening of some muscles

Places no pressure on knees and joints

Unlike high impact exercise, pilates is a controlled workout which will protect the knees and joints from unnecessary pressure.

An exercise suitable for anyone

Pilates can benefit seniors as well as younger generations regardless of shape, fitness and experience. It's simply great for everyone.

Boosts your mental health

As well as the physical benefits, pilates also boosts mental health, typically improving focus and concentration.

Regular Pilates workouts provide an abundance of benefits for great overall health.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelly kept us sane and fit doing Pilates via zoom during our 3 month lockdown. May she continue. Also lovely to see a smiley face. xxx
pilates classes in brighton customer 4
Nikki and Serge
Kelly is a great Pilates teacher whose classes I have enjoyed attending for many years. She competently adapts them to suit all abilities so they are very accessible and all inclusive. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
join a fitess class online - customer 12
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